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Lazer Zine - Issue #8 - Mixed Emotions


Issue #8 of the Lazer Zine!

In this issue, contributors have reflected and created comics inspired by their "Mixed Emotions".

Physical copy features 52 pages of black and white comics and color cover.

Made by hand in Oakland, CA.


Cover by Cielo Krase

"Slinky in the Subconscious pt 1" - Alex Sodari

"Story of the Ear" - Perhapsy

"One Day in Chile" - Pablo Arias

"Honk & Beep" - Lucas Bowlus

"Seasoned Friends" - Shuchita Mishra

" Four Comics" - Alicia Cardell

"Grateful" - Fiona Ostby

"Feeling Unsure" - Jasmine Anais

"Spider Veins" - Toni Pecchia

"Worth" - Seth Katz

"Canis Majorae" - Josue Cruz

"Slinky in the Subconscious pt 2" - Alex Sodari