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Lazer Zine #7 - People Power


Issue #7 of the Lazer Zine!

In this issue, zinesters realized their power, producing politically empowered stories and artwork for the people! Features 48 pages of black and white artwork, color cover artwork and color gatefold spread.


"Super Slinky" - Alex Sodari

"Tree People" - Tom Hall

"Not In Our Town" - Harrison Holl

"ACAB" - L. Herrada-Rios


"Eggfart1 Goes to School" - Eggfart1

Roy Huerta

"EZLN" - Cirilo Lopez

"Tres Generaciones" - Jacqueline Krase

"Los Quates" - El Maldito

"Oakland Families Matter" - Maria Fatima

"Protect" - Cortney Daniel

Emma Craig

"Off the Record" - Christina Tran

"Common Causes Include" - Samia Selene

"Unidos" - Nicky Rodriguez