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Lazer Zine - Issue #6 - "Under Disguise"


Issue #6 of the Lazer ZIne!

In this issue, zinesters responded to the theme "Under DIsguise", producing stories and artwork concealed in subtle mystery. Features 48 pages of black and white artwork, color cover artwork, and color gatefold spread.


"Slinky Under Disguise pt 1" - Alex Sodari

"Smile Now, Cry Later" - Aaron Ruiz

"Food for Though" - Zachary Sweet

"Shedding My Masks" - Krisztina Lazar

"The Mystical Experience" - Hayden Currie

"Wolfsbane" - Anthony Harmer

"Kalakki" - Prrrbutt

"Cookies" - Tris Bain

"Chameleon" - Malcolm Blaisdell

"Full Moon" - Kay Janowiak

"Costume Party" - Sludgepony

"If Only" - Girlonbus

"Black Snake Killer" - Darla Arellano

"The Spirit of Halloween" - Al Figeroid

"Slinky Under Disguise pt 2" - Alex Sodari