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Lazer Zine - Issue #5 - "No Man's Land"


In this Fall issue, zinesters considered the theme of "No Man's Land", producing wild and wandering stories and artwork. Features 48 pages of black and white artwork, color cover artwork, and color gatefold spread.


"Slinky in No Man's Land pt 1" - Alex Sodari

"Mummified Artist" - Cameron Forsley

"Landscape" - Jonathan Blythe

"A Brief Encounter" - Aaron Gundy

"Drawings" - Thomas J Gardea

"Untitled" - Pee Pee Hed

"Water Symbols" - Jess Suttner

"Paintings" - Dustin De Rego

"Photos" Fabio Roque

"One Child" - Jinna Kaneko

"Back Alley Bugs" - Aaron Ruiz

"Alpha Female" - Colin Andersen

"The Parking Lot" - Lauren Vana

"No Man's Land" - Veronica Leon

"Slinky in No Man's Land pt 2" - Alex Sodari