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Lazer Zine - Issue #4 - "Going Places"


Issue #4 of the Lazer Zine!

In this Fall edition, zinesters responded to the theme of "Going Places", producing well traveled stories and artwork. Features 48 pages of black and white artwork, color cover artwork, and color gatefold spread.


"Slinky Goes to Space pt 1" - Alex Sodari

"Little Ben" - Cameron Forsley

"Expat" - Joseph Mauk

"Imaginary Friends" - Amardeep Bains

"Where Do We Go?" - No One

"Falcon Lake" - Joshua Boulet

"A Tale From Cosmic Basin" - Josh Gibson

"Bus Ride" - Jamie Jo

"The Lone Ones" - Francesca Aspromonte

"Kingdom of" - R. Louthan

"Let Your Feelings Speak" - Carmen Deerwoman

"Merrymas" - Joseph Hewitt

"Bushman" - Colin Andersen

"Where Are We?" - Mahmoud Zaini

"Slinky Goes to Space pt 2" - Alex Sodari