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Lazer Zine - Issue #5 - "No Man's Land"


In this Fall issue, zinesters considered the theme of "No Man's Land", producing wild and wandering stories and artwork.


"Slinky in No Man's Land pt 1" - Alex Sodari

"Mummified Artist" - Cameron Forsley

"Landscape" - Jonathan Blythe

"A Brief Encounter" - Aaron Gundy

"Drawings" - Thomas J Gardea

"Untitled" - Pee Pee Hed

"Water Symbols" - Jess Suttner

"Paintings" - Dustin De Rego

"Photos" Fabio Roque

"One Child" - Jinna Kaneko

"Back Alley Bugs" - Aaron Ruiz

"Alpha Female" - Colin Andersen

"The Parking Lot" - Lauren Vana

"No Man's Land" - Veronica Leon

"Slinky in No Man's Land pt 2" - Alex Sodari