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Lazer Zine - Issue #4 - "Going Places"


Issue #4 of the Lazer Zine!

In this Fall edition, zinesters responded to the theme of "Going Places", producing well traveled stories and artwork.


"Slinky Goes to Space pt 1" - Alex Sodari

"Little Ben" - Cameron Forsley

"Expat" - Joseph Mauk

"Imaginary Friends" - Amardeep Bains

"Where Do We Go?" - No One

"Falcon Lake" - Joshua Boulet

"A Tale From Cosmic Basin" - Josh Gibson

"Bus Ride" - Jamie Jo

"The Lone Ones" - Francesca Aspromonte

"Kingdom of" - R. Louthan

"Let Your Feelings Speak" - Carmen Deerwoman

"Merrymas" - Joseph Hewitt

"Bushman" - Colin Andersen

"Where Are We?" - Mahmoud Zaini

"Slinky Goes to Space pt 2" - Alex Sodari