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Lazer Zine - Issue #6 - "Under Disguise"


Issue #6 of the Lazer ZIne!

In this issue, zinesters responded to the theme "Under DIsguise", producing stories and artwork concealed in subtle mystery.


"Slinky Under Disguise pt 1" - Alex Sodari

"Smile Now, Cry Later" - Aaron Ruiz

"Food for Though" - Zachary Sweet

"Shedding My Masks" - Krisztina Lazar

"The Mystical Experience" - Hayden Currie

"Wolfsbane" - Anthony Harmer

"Kalakki" - Prrrbutt

"Cookies" - Tris Bain

"Chameleon" - Malcolm Blaisdell

"Full Moon" - Kay Janowiak

"Costume Party" - Sludgepony

"If Only" - Girlonbus

"Black Snake Killer" - Darla Arellano

"The Spirit of Halloween" - Al Figeroid

"Slinky Under Disguise pt 2" - Alex Sodari